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How Online Disinhibition Affects Communication

Monica Applewhite, Ph.D. About a week ago, I was copied on an email that went out to all of the parents in my son’s little league.  The tone was hostile, the language was crude, and the topic seemed way too benign to merit the jabs at various people and aspects of the program that were under discussion.  More than anything,… Read more →

Healthy Friendships Among Young People

With the exception of strong family relationships, the most important building block for healthy dating and committed relationships are the patterns that are developed in early friendships.  When we establish supportive, healthy interactions with our friends of both genders, we are laying the groundwork for how we expect to be treated and how we expect to treat others for whom… Read more →

Effects of Wholesome Mentoring

In the world of managing risks, it’s easy to forget or dismiss the undeniable truth that mentoring relationships can make a positive difference in the lives of children and young people, particularly those are known to be at risk. Consider the following findings from a study of Big Brothers Big Sisters of America in which researchers found that after 18… Read more →