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Distinguishing Wholesome Relationship Development from Grooming

In years past, it was common for the focus of sexual abuse prevention efforts to be on “strong screening” and choosing “safe” adults to work with children. However, both the experiences of child-serving organizations and the recent findings of empirical research have demonstrated that the characteristics and psychological profiles of adults who sexually abuse do not differ significantly or predictably… Read more →

Effects of Wholesome Mentoring

In the world of managing risks, it’s easy to forget or dismiss the undeniable truth that mentoring relationships can make a positive difference in the lives of children and young people, particularly those are known to be at risk. Consider the following findings from a study of Big Brothers Big Sisters of America in which researchers found that after 18… Read more →

Developing Communication With Teens

For parents, transitioning between being a care-giver for young children and a confidante for teens can be rough. It’s very common to for parents to feel confused about where to draw the line with teens about their behavior and how they share information. It is also easy to underestimate how valuable a trusted advisor can be to a teen or… Read more →